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    Sunday, December 4, 2016

    Mengenal Sultan Al Betawi: Direktur Media Sosial Alarabiya yang Berhasil Galang 50 Juta Follower

    Sultan Al Betawi merupakan jurnalis keturunan Indonesia dari Arab Saudi.

    Dia berhasil menggalang follower 50 juta untuk situs Alarabiya.

    Profilnya: (sumber)

    Sultan Batawi
    Head of the Social Media in Al Arabiya News Channel

    Sultan Batawi is known of being a media mind person, creative executor, interested in technology and how things work, he is heading the Social Media in Al Arabiya News Channel.
    Through his early life, Sultan had attention to visuals and details, which helped him to develop his skills in Calligraphy, Painting and Drawing and design.
    Studying Computer Sciences developed his passion towards technology and help him to mix the knowledge that he gain with his artistic interest, allowing him to explore medium that can combine both interests.
    In 2002, he started dubbing Japanese Animation to Arabic on his free time in colleague, which opens his potential in Editing, Voice Over and Acting and create an animated cartoon.
    Joining MBC Group in 2008, Sultan Worked in front desk support that allowed him to explore the open doors within the organization which help to develop his skills more and gain experience about media and broadcast side.
    In 2009, Social Media played a big role in changing Sultan’s future career after the Iranian election and his contribution of getting news for the channel, Sultan was interviewed on air to speak about social media, later on was assigned to create a technical news report that explain some of the methods and technologies that the Iranian government used to prevent protesters voice to reach outside Iran.
    Sultan was assigned to produce technology reports for the channel and help in writing, analyzing tech news and cover events such as Gitex , E3 and Imagine Cup2009 and 2010.
    In 2011, after the Tunisian uprising Sultan was assigned to lead Al Arabiya social media unit, serving more than 14 Million people across all social media account that Al Arabiya has, which made Al Arabiya won in 2012 two awards from Forbes magazine in MENA region and also from Gulf News,
    Sultan Batawi was part of the team who created Al Arabiya smart phone and tablet apps which earned an award of best app award - App Idol in June of 2013 - The Global App Summit

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